Ташкентцы в США. Eating out in Randolph: Le Peep Tашкентцы Разное

Уважаемый Евгений! Огромное спасибо за Ваш сайт! Ценность этого сайта многократно ощущаешь вдали от Родины. Побродив по страницам » Мой Ташкент» ( я очень часто посещаю данный сайт) чувствуешь как будто побывал в своей юности! В настоящее время я проживаю в США. Являюсь владельцем ресторана американской кухни. Одна из моих официантов Зиедахон Абдужабарова также из Ташкента ( остальные американцы). 15 сентября о моем ресторане написали в газете северного Нью Джерси, ссылку на электронный вариант которой пересылаю Вам. С уважением» Гайрат Умаров.

Поздравляю, Гайрат! Приятная весть. Ссылка-ссылкой, но повторю статью здесь. Может, кто-то из читателей зайдет «к своим».

Waitress Ziyoda Abdujabborova serves breakfast at Le Peep. (Staff photo: John Bell)


Le Peep anchors the «L» of College Plaza on Route 10 East. Walls are painted warm tones of butternut, brick red and berry pink. There is outdoor seating and an upbeat, friendly staff. On each table is a full carafe of water with a wedge of lemon. And everything on Le Peep’s bountiful breakfast/lunch menu costs less than $10.

Owner Gayrat Umarov’s patriotism and allegiance to the United States are evident the moment you walk into his restaurant, where the American flag is displayed at eye level. He emigrated from Uzbekistan (in the former Soviet Union) in 2005.

«I was a professor in culinary and agricultural research at the University of Tashkent (capital of Uzbekistan) for 25 years,» he says. «Still part of the business, just on the other side.»

Although Umarov has translated his agricultural expertise to Le Peep, he maintains there is a proper and healthy way to grow and prepare food.

«For industrialized countries, obesity is a growing problem,» he says. «Le Peep offers healthy, flavorful, reduced-fat food, and that’s what attracted me to this franchise. I didn’t invent anything, but I’ve been able to adapt the corporate menu according to my own principles.»

His experiment worked. Umarov has lost 20 pounds — 4 inches, according to his belt — eating Le Peep-prepared food, especially «Lite menu» dishes that emphasize healthier aspects of the cuisine.

«It worked for me,» he says. «Last year I was on four medications a day for blood pressure, diabetes; now I no longer take any of these. For one year, I didn’t change my style of life but simply experimented with our menu. It’s all in the choices.»

Of course, there are the customary pancakes, crepes, Belgian waffles, French toasts, all manner of combos and specials, skillet dishes, soups, paninis, wraps, pasta and salads, as well as burgers and sandwiches.

«The Nomad — that one is mine,» he says: peasant potatoes, chunky chicken, broccoli, fresh mushrooms, almonds and onions and crowned with two basted eggs ($8.99). Traditionally, the dish is bathed in Hollandaise sauce, but here it’s served on the side. Watching calories? Add judiciously, substitute, or forego Hollandaise entirely.

Healthy salad choices are Grilled Chicken, Chicken Caesar, Light Turkey and Yellow-tail Tuna (all $8.99). From the «Specials» menu, there is Salmon Almondine with rice and vegetable ($10.99).

«I will use only everything fresh, and all food is cooked immediately upon order — never pre-cooked,» he says. «Modifications are available in the way dishes are prepared.»

Grill or bake instead of fry, substitute artificial sweeteners for sugar, consider healthier versions of sauces and gravies. There are lower-calorie, less-fat alternatives to many menu items including the syrups (also available without sugar). Talk to Umarov or any of his staff for recommendations in keeping with your own dietary requirements
and objectives.

Le Peep implies just breakfast and lunch, but — beginning in October — you can enjoy dinner, too. The restaurant will have evening hours on weekends featuring a menu based on the most popular specials from this past year.

«We did a survey,» says day assistant Diyoda Abdujabborova. «It’s customer’s choice. We want to appeal to families, especially children, so nothing will be priced over $11.99 (including side salad).»

Omelets are made with beaten eggs, cooked without stirring until set and served folded in half, complemented by peasant potatoes and choice of toasted English muffin (from $8.39).

Portions are more than generous, and you can order anything from sophisticated Benedicts to one of the Great American Breakfasts like biscuits and gravy — two freshly baked biscuits covered with scratch-made «hawg and sausage» gravy, served with a sprinkle of chives ($5.49).

Even if it’s just a quick nosh, it’s hard to do better than a carafe of coffee ($1.79) with a bagel and schmear ($2.49).

Laura and Robert Elton have just started a new business, Cameo Technology Management.

«We come here often and conduct informal business meeting with clients,» says Robert, who has just finished his pancakes. «Both atmosphere and management are conducive to this.»

«It’s convenient for us because we live in town,» Laura says. «We like all the people here; everyone’s so friendly, and the food is always good and fresh. My Eggs Benedict ($8.89) was delicious.»

They’re pleased to hear that Le Peep will soon have weekend dinner hours.

«We’ll probably take advantage of that,» they agree.

It’s a perfect time to join them. Just mention this column and get 20 percent off your check through October.

WHERE: 477 Route 10 East, College Plaza, Randolph
HOURS: 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily
TELEPHONE NUMBER: 973-442-7337
OWNER: Gayrat Umarov
DAY ASSISTANT: Diyoda Abdujabborova
CUISINE: Breakfast and lunch, with dinner on weekends beginning in October
SPECIALS: Mondays to Fridays in September, 20 percent off each check; student discount, 20 percent off with school ID, Monday to Friday; seniors, 20 percent off, Monday to Friday
CHILDREN’S MENU: Yes, served all day, for children 12 and under, from $4.39
PRICING: Everything under $12
CATERING: Build from catering menu
PARKING: Ample lot
DRESS: Casual
VIBE: Hospitable and upbeat, big portions, good people; a nice place for breakfast, lunch and a nosh (and in October, dinner)

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    Уважаемый Евгений!Вышеприведённой статье уже 1.5 года и эта девушка сейчас учиться в университете на врача, а в каникулы приезжакт к родирелям и иногда работает в моём ресторане. Мой ресторан сугубо американской кухни, однако я постепенно внедряю нашу кулинария. При этом главное:LOW FAT AND LOW CHOLESTEROL.Я уже адаптировал наш плов ( я его назвал диетическрим), а также диетические Чучвара ,маты и самса. Скажу честно: пользуются не плохим спросом среди американцев ( особо хочу подчеркнуть,в моём городе исключительно живут американцы в нескольких поколениях. Русскоязычных ( выходцкв из бывшего СССР) буквально несколько семей из 40,000 населения).ХУШ КЕЛИБСИЗ!


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